What to Consider When Getting Your Granny Flat Plans

Granny flats may have been intended for the elderly but these self-contained accommodations no longer have dated styles. Instead, today’s granny flats have become ancillary spaces that inspire creativity and innovation in design.

To help you make the most of this detached structure, you need to consider several factors when getting your granny flat plans made..

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Advantages of Living in Small Granny Flats – Australia Builders Cite 6

If you will check architecture accounts in Pinterest and Instagram, you will find that a lot of the small homes they feature are granny flats. Australia builders claim that there’s a great amount of interest in these smaller options for homes ever since the global economic recession came about. People like the idea of having a home to their name, no matter how small it is, that also will allow them to manage their finances…

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Design Trends to Look into When Buying Granny Flats for Sale

Granny flats are fabulous dwellings for those who want something simple yet beautiful, and space-efficient. They typically do away with sprawling spaces, so cleaning or maintaining the place is so much easier.

The trend among granny flats for sale these days is the focus on how space limitations are addressed; when you’re searching for a granny flat to buy, the most important thing to consider is…

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The Pros and Cons of Granny Flats

If you and your spouse are undecided about having a granny flat built for you, or if one of you is still unsure about whether such is a good investment decision or not, it is worthwhile to look at the pros and cons before settling for a firm decision. Although the outcome for each individual…

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Granny Flats – Small in Size, Big on Purpose

A few years ago, granny flats lived up exactly to their name: compact, single-floor, stand-alone dwellings located just near the main house. Their size and setup provided the perfect living arrangement for senior members of the family who would like to enjoy their independence while still staying within an arm’s reach of their loved ones.…

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The Granny Flat Approvals Process

Just like any building project, the construction of a granny flat requires approval from authorities. This is necessary in ensuring that construction will be carried out according to code and will be free from unnecessary hitches. The granny flat approvals process is simple enough to comply, with especially if you’re working with Modular One Australia…